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PB Designs, owned by Paula Barker, provides
business and feature writing, editing, proofing, document formatting and presentation services for individuals, small businesses and corporations.

"I need:
- a short paper researched and written
- someone to proof my report
- to make my PowerPoint presentation better
PB Designs can help with projects like these, as well as writing or editing your newsletter stories, feature articles or presentation copy. Paula will also help you create attractive forms and write procedures.


Everything I do is inspired by my enduring mission:
- To enhance and improve client documents
. . . “Paulish it!” With expert proofing, editing and formatting.
- To create new documents and prose of beauty . . . with an artist’s flair, a technician’s accuracy and an author’s style.
- To deliver projects with integrity . . . with timeliness, fair pricing and accountability.
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Specializing in wine writing: articles, video scripts, sell sheets

Paula Barker

Semiconductor Industry Air Liquide

RFID Company Intelleflex Solutions
National Lab Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
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