Other Writing and Research, Paula Barker  
Press Releases   Research Examples  

For We the People clients (former legal docs franchise; three stores)
-Brentwood Store    Opening
    view online

-Oakland Store New    Manager
    view online

-Walnut Creek Store,    Divorce Service
    view online

-Walnut Creek Store,    Incorporation Service
    view online

-Walnut Creek Store,    Living Trust Service
    view online
Website design by Paula Barker

Research document:
wine/food pairing

Final Article:
Party Pairing Plan
Research document:
port/cigar pairing

Interview docs/emails:
cigar list

cigar shop owner

wine/cigar instructor

Final Article
Prime Port & Cigar Pairings
Research document:
training module script

Final Script:
Sacred Hill Module Script

Web Content Scripts: Video and Module
Scripts written with narrative voiceovers in mind

theWineShop.com - not yet launched
-Storing Your Wine

-Wine & Food Pairing

The Wine Academy
  An employee intranet site;    password entry required
-Master Design

Website design by Paula Barker

-Rapid Cutting Video
   co-wrote with videographer

-Sterling Vineyards
  Organic Module

    wrote and managed

-Navarro Correas

    wrote and managed

-Rosenblum Vintner's
   Cuvée module

    wrote and managed

For all other scripts, see Instructional Writing
Quick Facts Miscellaneous Writing  
    Quick facts are visual text: researched side tidbits/trivia related to the current section of a training module that appear as learners watch a unit.
-Edna Valley Vineyard

-Navarro Correas  Winery

-Sterling Vineyards  Made With Organic  Grapes

-Trimbach Estates
Sell sheet for imaginary wine. Written and designed by Paula Barker.

-Sell Sheets

-PowerPoint Content

-Grant Writing
     Research document - this is
     only a class assignment;
     the research is real, but the
     program is imaginary,
     invented by Paula Barker.
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